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V Squared Lowest Priced Listing Fees Guarantee

Save Thousands


GUARANTEE: When comparing Full-Service Listing Services offered by other Idaho Real Estate Brokerage(s) based in the Treasure Valley, V Squared Realty GUARANTEES that our Full-Service, Sacrifice Nothing Listing Fees based on the size of your home, not a percentage of the sales price, will save you thousands on the portion of the Total Brokerage Fee retained by the listing brokerage when comparable and equivalent services are offered or WE WILL BEAT THEIR OFFER BY 10%. Refer to the Requirements and Exclusions for complete details.

Real-World Example


Home Size: 1903 sf

Median Sold Price: $549,900

Brokerage A charges 3% (equals $16,497) on the Listing Side of the total brokerage fee.

V Squared Realty Full-Service Listing Fee is $8,088. A 51% savings over Brokerage A.

Brokerage fees:

Brokerage A
V Squared Realty

Brokerage B charges 2.5% (equals $13,748) on the Listing Side of the total brokerage fee.

V Squared Realty Full-Service Listing Fee is $8,088. A 42% savings over Brokerage B.

Brokerage fees:

Brokerage B
V Squared Realty

Brokerage C charges 2% (equals $10,998) on the Listing Side of the total brokerage fee.

V Squared Realty Full-Service Listing Fee is $8,088. A 26% savings over Brokerage C.

Brokerage fees:

Brokerage C
V Squared Realty

Brokerage D charges 1.5% (equals $10,998) on the Listing side of the total brokerage fee.

V Squared Realty Full-Service Listing Fee is $8,088. An 2% savings over Brokerage D.

Brokerage fees:

Brokerage D
V Squared Realty

Requirements and exclusions:

  • Listing Service offered must be Full Service (no MLS Only, or Limited-Service agreements). See description on Full Service page of this site
  • Property must meet the location and property limitations on the V Squared Realty Full Service Fee offer
  • Seller prospect must have a complete written marketing plan based on a personal, on-site visit with the Seller. Marketing plan must include all of the following: 1) brokerage, team lead, or agent letterhead or some other document with the agent, team lead, or broker’s contact information (no fill-in-the-blank or generic information from websites); 2) plan must be specific to property and seller and include the brokerage fee and the distribution between Listing Brokerage and cooperating brokerage; 3) property address and seller’s name(s) must also appear on the marketing plan; 4) proposed listing price; 5) list of all services and features included in the listing service
  • Services and marketing elements must be equivalent to that offered by V Squared Realty (refer to Full Service page)
  • Seller prospect must NOT be in an ACTIVE Seller Representative Agreement.
  • Brokerage Listing Fee must not be tied to another action or obligation. For example, Listing Brokerage Fee is __. However, to get that rate, the seller must also use the brokerage to purchase their next home. V Squared Realty Full Service Listing Fee does not have any strings attached
  • Seller must be willing to commit to compensate the cooperative brokerage (brokerage that brought the buyer to the successful transaction) in addition to the Listing Fee side of the total brokerage fee at least 2%
  • All fees to be paid at closing. No upfront fees or deposits required
An Important Consumer Message about Real Estate Fees

There is no “Market Standard” or “Normal” for real estate fees.  To suggest or state that there is may be a violation of federal Anti-Trust laws. Individual Offices and Brokerages can establish office policies about the fees the agents are required to use.  Any reference to savings or the utilization of comparable brokerage fees included in this site are for illustrative purposes only.  We are confident, however, that when comparing full-service brokerages, fees the respective agents, and the services offered, you will find significant savings with V Squared Realty.

Total Brokerage Fees = Listing Brokerage Fee + Selling Brokerage Fee

*Any reference to other brokerage fees and potential savings are for illustration purposes only. All fees are determined and set by the individual brokerages. Total Brokerage Fees include Listing Fees and Selling Fees. Selling Fees are those offered to the Agent’s Brokerage who brings the Buyer to close. V Squared Realty Full-Service Listing Fees are subject to change at any time without notice.