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The process of accurately pricing a home for the market is part art, part science. We believe there is no better way to accurately value a home than by hand – yea, the old fashioned way. Yep, we actually use pen, paper, and a calculator (ok – the computer is used for data collection). Crazy, we know. But when it comes to your most valuable asset, we take the responsibility of valuing it accurately very personally. 

NEVER Trust Automated Valuation Models


There is a lot of valuation information available to consumers on the internet about home values – unfortunately, none of it is particularly good information.  Any time you click on something that says “what’s the value of my home” it’s probably an AVM. The biggest problem is they evaluate home values using outdated information and assume all homes in a geographic area are the same and only vary by size.  So unless your home is exactly like hundreds more in your area, the values given only establish an expectation that either severely undervalues or overvalues your home. Both cases are bad.

What A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is and Isn't

While a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is not an appraisal, the principles used are extremely similar.  A CMA is developed to establish a marketable listing/selling range for your home. The actual list price is created from this range by way of a discussion between agent and homeowner. The CMA is designed for you – the seller. An appraisal is designed to establish a market value for the home – a specific price rather than a range.  The appraiser works for a lender and their purpose is to protect the interests of that lender.

Objective Evaluation

While we know that selling your home can be an emotional decision and experience, understanding the market your home will compete in in an unemotional, objective way helps create solid expectations so critical to a great experience.  As a Broker, John Chandler has received significant, additional training in valuing homes – significantly more than is required to be licensed with a salesperson license in Idaho.

Voice of the Market

Why do we call it the “Voice of the Market?” Because the market gives us feedback in a number of ways.  We get tons of data from your MLS listing, the internet push services we use, showing activity and ultimately – offers. We share this information with you as it occurs so we can make adjustments if necessary during the most impactful 30 day listing period  Activity falls off exponentially after 30 days so making the best impression right out of the chute is critical. The activity your home gets on line and in person is the “voice” of how the market is responding to your home.

Proven Results

With over 500 transactions and over $150 Million sold, we hope you will see that putting your trust in V Squared Realty is well placed. When experience and results matter most, hiring V Squared Realty assures you of a great experience to accomplish your goals and help move you forward with whatever life has in store.

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