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Sacrifice Nothing

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice ANYTHING when it comes to selling your biggest asset. And with V Squared Realty, you won’t have to.

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.”

– Peter Drucker – Management Consultant, Educator, and Author

Listing Services Include:

  • Custom Comparable Market Analysis
  • Evaluation of work (if any) needed and recommended prior to listing
  • Professional Quality Photography – no camera phones allowed!
  • Custom Flyers – Buyers are driving your neighborhood. Offering professional flyers makes it easy for them to learn more about your home
  • Yard Sign, Realtor Lock Box – the lockbox sends us an instant e-mail showing what Realtor is in your home and how long they are there. It gives us the ability to follow up with the agent after the showing to gauge their buyer’s interest and feedback.
  • Extensive Internet Marketing – Buyers are shopping online and they WILL see your home.
  • Personal tour of your home
  • Staging recommendations – helping you make the most of what you have
  • Exterior Staging Recommendations- maximizing the curb appeal of your home
  • Virtual Tours – this is an additional service where we can load an unlimited number of photos of your home to your MLS listing. Photos sell homes.
  • Walkthrough Video – puts Buyers into your home virtually – huge benefits!
  • Weekly Reporting – know what’s happening with your listing as its happening – how many views, what pictures they are looking at, the source of their on-line visit, and more
From Offers to Successful Closing:


Offer Management

When an offer (or offers) come in, we review them carefully and present them to you. We help you understand all the details and guide you through the response process. How offers are responded to can make or break a deal so we help put emotion aside and let negotiation savvy get the deal done for you.  Offers, Counter Offers, Addendums, etc can help build a solid deal and ensure no surprises, creating a smooth transaction for you.


We Have a Deal!

Once we have an accepted offer, there are still potential obstacles, roadblocks, detours, and pot holes we may need to manage.  The two biggest potential headaches are inspections and appraisals.  We help you evaluate inspection reports and contingency release conditions and when necessary, help you through the negotiation process involved. We also work with appraisers to help them with their valuation if they are struggling.


On To Closing

We review all closing statements for accuracy and work with title companies to ensure all allocations are correct. We coordinate your signing appointment and ensure your closing proceeds are distributed correctly and timely.



Your home is now someone else’s and your bank account just got a whole lot bigger (assuming an equity sale). 

Save Thousands. Sacrifice Nothing.

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