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Save Thousands. Sacrifice Nothing.

Simply put – you do not have to spend more to get great results.  And when it comes to your hard-earned money or the equity you have gained in your home, if you are like most, you want to keep as much of it as possible but still get the results you are looking for.

How Much Money Can I Save?

Here is an example based on MLS data of Single Family Resale Homes sold in Ada County 4th Quarter 2022 focusing just on the Listing Side of the total brokerage fees.

Median Sold Price: $490,000, brokerages that charge 3% to list your home: $14,700 (Listing Side Only)

Corresponding Home Size: 1900sf. V Squared Realty Flat Fee: $11,305 (Listing Side Only)

V Squared Realty Listing Fee Savings: $3,395 (that’s a 23% Savings!)

Save Thousands. Sacrifice Nothing. – Are the Savings REAL?

(Source: Intermountain MLS All Active, Single Family Resale Homes on January 19, 2023)

Active Listings: 530

Average “Percentage of List Price” Broker Fees: $20,120

Average V Squared Realty Broker Fees: $13,707

Average V Squared Realty Savings $6,413 (31.9% Savings)

How Much Can We Save You? Contact Us Today and find out how you can Save Thousands. Sacrifice Nothing.

The fact is there is no “market standard” for brokerage fees. Brokerage fees are set by the respective brokerages. And while they all have their reasons for setting them the way they do, ask yourself, 

QUESTION: “Is it possible to get the same results by paying less?”  

ANSWER: YES! If you have ever chosen the $1.99 gallon of milk when you could have paid $2.59 for another brand or ever driven an extra block to save 5 cents per gallon for gas you owe it to yourself to use V Squared Realty to sell your home. You CAN get great results while saving THOUSANDS in Real Estate Listing Fees. 

There are two “sides” to Total Brokerage Fees – Listing Fees (V Squared Flat Listing Fees) and Selling Fees.  Selling Fees are the commissions offered to the agent who procures a buyer and brings them to close. We feel the selling compensation should be in line with the market for your home. If similar homes to yours are very limited and those that are selling are selling in hours or days, we feel you should consider a selling commission based on that market activity.   

*Any reference to other brokerage fees and potential savings are for illustration purposes only. All fees are determined and set by the individual brokerages. Total Brokerage Fees include Listing Fees and Selling Fees. Selling Fees are those offered to the Buyer’s Agent to bring you a Buyer. Selling Fees vary and are determined by the Seller. Flat fees apply only to single-family homes located within incorporated cities in Ada County, Nampa, and Caldwell. Excludes: Manufactured homes, homes with over 5 acres not in subdivisions, farm & ranch, bare land, teardowns, condemned, or otherwise uninhabitable homes.