I have worked with John Chandler for 4 years now on 3 different real estate transactions along with seeking his real estate advice along the way. I met John kind of by fluke on our last stop of an exhausting weekend when we were exploring the area to move. John earned my business very quickly then, he continues to have my business going forward, and he is my go to guy for all things real estate.
My summary of John is that he there is absolutely no replacement for experience. John is very seasoned in the Treasure Valley and has seen it all over many years. The Treasure Valley’s incredible growth has seen a boom in the number of people becoming licensed real estate agents and agents moving into the area looking to get their slice of the pie. What you might find is a lack of experience with a huge number of agents being licensed for 3 years or less and a limited knowledge of the Treasure Valley. When seeking representation for one of the most important transactions of your life, I want knowledge and experience in decision making especially when things do not go according to plan, which they often do in real estate transactions. I experienced this first hand during the last 2 transactions I worked with John where in my opinion I saw some sellers agents doing a poor job of having their clients best interest which appeared to be due to inexperience and mishandling. Although I stayed very involved in the process, I rested assured knowing John had things fully under control providing sound advice along the way.
John is very knowledgeable in all phases of real estate from new construction to pre-existing homes in all things buying and selling which really allows his clients to get the whole picture to fulfill their needs. John will never apply any pressure or persuasion and clearly puts his clients first before any monetary gain. John shows patience and is always honest with his answers/opinions even if it directly effects his ability to close a transaction and monetary gain.
John absolutely has my recommendation for anyone looking to buy or sell a home or maybe just get some questions answered. – kolosproperty – 11/22/2019