We give John Chandler 5 stars in every category for the professionalism, knowledge, expertise, and principles he exhibited with us over a span of 4 years before we bought a home and moved to Boise. He certainly earned our utmost respect, appreciation and recommendation.
My wife and I first met John in May, 2014, when we were looking at a model home. He was not the salesperson, but the sales manager for a major home builder at the time. We were vacationing in Boise from Florida, visiting our daughter who was expecting our first grandchild. John was very knowledgeable and helpful and spent a lot of time helping us, knowing it would be several years before we could move here when I retired. After that initial meeting, we ran into John again on visits in 2015 and 2016. He always remembered us and spent time helping us with little chance of any payback at the time. Normally, we avoid sales people as much as we can, as we find many to be too aggressive, unable to satisfactorily answer our questions and frankly, untrustworthy. When possible, we prefer to do our own legwork and research and will take as much time as we need to make a decision that is right for us. Given that, most sales people don’t want to waste much of their time with us, either! John, however, was always genuinely happy to see us and be of any help he could to us and he never pressured us to buy a house from him.
Changing life circumstances brought us to Boise in February 2018 ready to seriously start the home buying process and plan our move to Boise. We re-visited the community in Meridian where John was a salesperson when we last saw him in 2016. He was still there and came out to greet us walking up the driveway! Three very short days later, with John’s amazing help and expertise, we had signed a contract to buy a lot and have a home built! This was after my wife had been adamant that she did not want to commit to buying a home on that visit. And if she had to deal with anyone other than John Chandler, she most certainly would not have!
It was phenomenal what we accomplished in our last 3 days in Boise with John! He walked the lot with us to decide where we wanted the home to be situated to maximize the views and then submitted our proposal to the builder for approval, the first step before we could proceed to contract. At that point, none of us knew there were others also interested in the lot. That would not have made us rush our decisions, however. But ultimately we got the lot and were able to close the deal because of John’s experience and expertise and ability to get everything done for us and complete the contract in record speed before we left Boise. This included us changing and enlarging almost all the windows as well as making other changes and upgrades to the inside of the house, all of which he got priced and included in the contract. In all, we were able to make nearly 75% of our selections before leaving with John’s help, saving our daughter significant work.
We love living in this home and we fully credit John with us getting it. We highly recommend that anyone wanting to sell or buy a home to meet John and see if he would be the right person for you. – BrianIuvone – 07/15/2020