2022 Boise Idaho Real Estate Market in Review

Hello 2023! A new year filled with plenty of excitement, anticipation, and opportunities.  As an optimist, I am excited for the new year. Being optimistic, however doesn’t mean I see everything as rainbows and butterflies.  It’s about helping clients, past, present, and future, have positive outcomes based on reliable data and perspectives.  So, lets jump…

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Boise Idaho Real Estate Market Adjusting but not Failing

The Boise Real Estate Market – Update October 2022 Chicken Little – The Sky Is Falling!!! In a market highlighted during the Pandemic as one of the hottest, you must remember that everything that goes up must eventually come down.  But to say the sky is falling may be a little overstated.   Here is…

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Real Estate Fees

Real Estate Agents and the Fees You Pay in Boise Market

REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION LICENSEES Before we get into a discussion about fees, we should probably identify and define the roles of the licensed players and the hierarchy of the brokerage which are: Brokerage Broker Agents BROKERAGE (Brokerage Company) “the real estate business, whether a sole proprietorship, a legal entity, or any other licensed person engaged…

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